Covenants: Top Ten

The following is a paraphrased, suggestive list of the ten most important covenants to abide by and review in order to keep Greenbriar Place a high value, sought after, and peaceful neighborhood.

They are NOT in order of importance, and this is NOT the complete list of the covenants and easements so you should refer to the copy you received at closing.

If you did not receive a copy upon the closing or from your landlord, please contact an officer or board member and request one.

  1. Covenant #27 - GREENBRIAR PLACE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. The articles of Incorporation are filed in the Probate Office of Tuscaloosa County, and encompasses each lot in the subdivision.
  2. Covenant #31 - EXTERIOR APPEARANCE.  Please keep your yard and home visibly pleasant.  Do not allow your home or lot to fall into "disrepair" or become "unsightly."
  3. Covenant #25 - LAWN CARE.  Please maintain your grass and shrubbery on a regular basis.  If there is ever a situation that limits your ability to maintain your lawn, please contact an officer or board member.
  4. Covenant #8 - RUBBISH.  Don't pile trash, garbage, or rubbish in your lot.  Keep Garbage and trash in the garage or behind your fence until the day of or day before it is scheduled to be picked up.  Failure to do so leads to a rather unsightly appearance to the community.
  5. Covenant #23 - PARKING.  Please keep all vehicles parked in the garage or driveway.  Cars regularly parked on the street are a danger and make the neighborhood look cluttered.
  6. Covenant #24 - MISCELLANEOUS STRUCTURES.  Structures such as (but not limited to) boats, trailers, storage units, tents, workshops, trampolines, play sets, basketball goals are prohibited by the covenants from being in plain view of the community.
  7. Covenant #22 - STORAGE. Please do NOT store lawn care equipment, garbage bins, bikes, toys, firewood, or any similar supplies in the front or side yard outside the fence of your home.
  8. Covenant #20 - PAINTING.  Each lot owner shall, from time to time, paint and otherwise maintain the exterior of his dwelling unit (including fencing) as needed.  Such maintenance and painting shall be done in a manner harmonious with the other dwelling units in the neighborhood, and shall not be completed in such a manner, color, or design as to disrupt the harmonious blending of the original architectural plan of the dwelling units.  The decision of the Architectural Control Committee shall be final in the event of a dispute as to whether the exterior of a dwelling unit "needs" painting and/or maintenance.  Paint
    colors must conform to the palette adopted by the Architectural Control Committee.
  9. Covenant #12 - SIGNS.  Signs are not allowed unless temporary for special occasions, emergencies, or association reminders.
  10. Covenant #7 - ANIMALS.  Please be mindful of your pets.  Our lots are close together and as are we, animals are often very social.  Therefore, it can get rather loud when the barking, meowing, howling, and growling starts.  Don't let a loss of peace and quiet build up to animosity and discontent between you and your neighbors.  Please always pick up your animal's droppings and dispose of properly.  Do NOT put animal waste in gutters which run to our retention pond.

You can download a full copy of the covenants by visiting the Covenants & By-Laws Page.